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Bad luck with love and all, I am a sucker for true love and faithfully remain a hopeless romantic. Hi, my name is Jennifer Lee Burns. I was blessed to be given writing as an outlet at a very young age in my life. I remember sitting at the piano writing my little songs and poems, so many poems.

Much later, I started my first children’s book one night – after getting off work at midnight, driving home, I got the idea; so I pulled off onto the side of the road, and began writing (the only thing I had to write on was napkins.)

When it comes to matters of the heart, I have it covered… literally. I’ve worked in the Cardiac ICU and the Open Heart ICU, and worked in Florida as a Cardiac Monitor Tech where I watched heart rhythms all night. However, I am back in Indiana now with my mom and our dog Dolly, and I am able to concentrate on writing full time for the first time. I am glad to say I am happier now than I have ever been, and excited to finally be sharing my books with you. I’ve laughed and cried creating the characters in my books. I hope you get invested enough in their stories, so you also feel the emotions they go through living on each page.