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Allison loved her job, but she loved traipsing around after her favorite band with her best friend even more. Allison and Madison caught the attention of Donovan and Derek from their favorite band Dillonsledge by holding up their heart light keyrings at all of their concerts. It wasn’t long before they were invited backstage and started spending time with the boys from the band.

Things like…

  1. going backstage before and after the concerts,
  2. going to the after parties,
  3. sharing private parties after the after parties,
  4. and even sitting with the wives and girlfriends during the concerts

…became common place. Donovan even asked Allison to go away with him after the tour was over. Allison was convinced life couldn’t get any better.

Until –

Detective Drake Larson made her rethink her ‘close to perfect’ life, letting her know she was the lead suspect in the beatings, and even murder, of some of her closest male friends. Feelings develop between Allison and the detective while trying to discover the true killer, leaving Allison to reconsider her relationship with Donovan.